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Occupied Quebec by BullMoose1912 Occupied Quebec by BullMoose1912
On August 22, 2021, after years of internal conflict and influenced by the establishment of the United Federation of American Syndicates (USAF) an anarcho-syndicalist federation in what used to the the United States, Quebec gained independence from the rest of Canada and established People's Quebec, a socialist society with a commune government.

However, while People's Quebec was more stable, the USAF was not, as it was formed out of a societal collapse and definitely had a lot of detractors. One of which was the charismatic Andrew Pelham, who formed a vanguard party called the National American Popular Party (NAPP) which espoused fascism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and anti-communism. Some people, who did not consider themselves to be white supremacists or otherwise far-right, joined NAPP because of their promise of order and peace and a what Pelham considered to be a "Return to Power." Pelham's nation, the American Confederate Combine, was established on May 21, 2025 with its eyes set on the Western Hemisphere.

Unfortunately for the fledgeling nation of People's Quebec, this "Return to Power" included the creation of what Pelham called an "Occidental Empire" which would encompass all of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean and most of North America. And on April 2, 2026 ACC armed forces invaded and occupied People's Quebec and set off on a spree exterminating communists and other political dissidents.

In response, Canada's prime minister Lee Bryant met with various comandantes and subcomandantes of the EZLN, the premiere of Cuba Marco Rodriguez, as well as leaders across Latin America, in Western Samoa, to propose declaring war on the ACC and combat fascism. On April 17, 2026 the newly formed Pan-American Allies declared war on the ACC, starting the Pan-American War, which would continue until 2032.

Luckymarine577 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
interesting concept you got there :)
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wow,just wow.
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